Larry Stewart, Richie McDonald, and Tim Rushlow have been moonlighting. But it’s not what you think . . . and we assure you . . . it is nothing illegal. In fact, their respected band members approve. For the last eight years, Stewart (Restless Heart), McDonald (Lonestar) and Rushlow (past: Little Texas, current: Tim Rushlow and His Big Band) have made up the trio, The Frontmen of Country. Because . . . well . . . they are. And if you are a fan of ’90s country, you know how significant these three are and how much influence they have, especially over today’s up and coming artists. You can probably name the hits of their respective bands within seconds. You might even take it one step further and sing the harmonies of songs like “When She Cries”, “What Might Have Been”, and “Amazed.” And if you go to a Frontmen show, you can hear these hits for yourself. That’s right. They sing each other’s words and the combination of their voices with those songs will make you melt like the Wicked Witch of the West! But don’t worry, they are not quitting their main gigs.

In fact, Larry Stewart and the Restless Heart guys just celebrated 35 years in the business! Richie and the Lonestar crew just hit 25 years and Tim Rushlow is crooning hard with his Big Band, covering classics like Sinatra and Martin, all while giving credit to his humble beginnings with Little Texas.

The trio is simply adding more logs to the fire! And now this spark has spread to radio stations across the country in the form of a single appropriately called “If It Wasn’t for the Radio.” As Rushlow told The Country Note, “The song is very reminiscent of how we feel about our fan base, and radio and our relationship with them. We wouldn’t be here without radio. It’s kind of our way to say thank you.”

With a chorus like “good days and heartaches–that’s the soundtrack to my life”, “If It Wasn’t For the Radio” brings us all back to a time before self-made playlists and surface songs with meaningless lyrics. It brings us back to a time where you actually had to hear the song in its entirety and then wait for the DJ to tell you the artist and title because apps like Shazam simply didn’t exist. And liking the song based on radio airplay usually meant you had to purchase the whole album to own the song, which meant you had to listen to it, track by track, which meant you usually became not only a fan of the artist, but of the artistry itself.

And if you have ever considered yourself a dreamer and a go-getter . . . well . . . Rushlow solos a third verse that was meant just for you.

Well I cut lawns all summer long and saved every dime I made
Walked down to the pawn shop to buy that guitar on lay away

Might have never let that six string take me down to Music Row
If it wasn’t for the radio

Music Row, these guys are the real deal, and always have been; The Frontmen of Country have paved the way for your rising stars. Songs like “I’m Already There”, “The Bluest Eyes in Texas”, and “My Love” have set the course for the continued excellence in writing Music Row is known for.

And speaking of Music Row, The Country Note caught up with the threesome at the CMA Building a few weeks back before a private industry showcase. Check out our interview with Stewart, McDonald, and Rushlow here which also features clips of their individual band’s biggest hits. For a full version of “If It Wasn’t For The Radio”, click here.